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Fabrication Hardware

Complex production requirements are easily handled by our dedicated team of manufacturing experts. Exacting demands are routine requests. Our manufacturing team includes engineers, skilled tradesmen, tool makers, model makers, and machine operators – all supported by material management and quality assurance personnel.

The manufacturing team is equipped with advanced CNC machines, precision grinding and other high-tech equipment to meet your most complex machining requirements. We have developed unique electrical discharge machining techniques for manufacturing critical geometric shapes in our shear orifice valves and other product applications.

Our highly qualified personnel are the key to the transition from product development to full production. Servotronics’ outstanding successes on jet engine, aircraft, missile system and a wide range of other control programs are recognized world wide.

Today Servotronics’ patented, proprietary and other controls are used throughout the world in a wide variety of aerospace vehicles, submarines, commercial, government and other applications. Typically, Servotronics’ products convert electrical commands into physical motion and/or force for the control of many types of media throughout a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and environmental extremes. High tech materials (i.e. Titanium, Stellite, A-286, etc.) are routinely integrated in the designs whenever required by the product environment, and/or performance.