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Our Founder

Dr. Nicholas D. Trbovich, Sr.


Requiescat in pace

Dr. Nicholas D. Trbovich served as Founder, Chairman, CEO, and Company Director from 1959 until his passing in 2017, previously also serving as President of the Company. In his various capacities, he managed personally and through delegation the research, development, engineering, manufacturing and administration of the Company as the Company grew and its goals were achieved over the years. He guided the Company in its transition from being primarily an engineering entity to a Company with expanded manufacturing and new product capabilities. He was instrumental and successful in obtaining the appropriate corporate financing from banking institutions and the public sale of common shares to meet the Company’s increased requirements to support new product design, development and enhanced manufacturing capabilities. The Company’s designed and developed products fill key roles in many of the world’s well-known aerospace programs such as the Boeing 700 and Airbus 300 Series of commercial jets, the F-135, F-18, F-16, F-15 and various other jet fighters, jet transports, helicopters, bombers and the Hubbell Space Telescope. Dr. Trbovich’s past Directorships included manufacturing companies, banking institutions, professional and other enterprises. An elected Member of the Niagara Frontier Aviation and Space Hall of Fame, he held patents, received awards (i.e. Entrepreneur of the Year and other business and/or technical awards), served as a member of professional associations, published, and lectured at various prestigious universities. He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Rochester where he earned two Doctorates and an MBA. He was awarded Honorary Doctorates from three other colleges. He held various leadership positions including Chairman of the Board of Trustees for two colleges and Vice Chairman of the Board for a third college.