1110 Maple Street
Post Office Box 300
Elma, New York 14059

Employee Testimonials

Alex Rawls, Machinist

Servotronics is an excellent company with great people. The supervisors are great and the shop manager is excellent.  The machine shop at Servotronics is different than shops in other companies.  We are an extremely high precision shop; our focus is complex and very tight tolerances (.0002) parts.  Our shop is “highly skilled.” If you are proficient, please join our team!!!  Our people are friendly, knowledgeable, and want to see everyone succeed.  Our supervision and shop managers are experienced master machinists who are also great people.  Everyone is easy to talk to, friendly, and helpful which makes a great support system. Servotronics, Inc. offers health plan options.  They provide luncheons for employees for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We are a very normal company and, in my opinion, we have more ups than any downs.  Servotronics is a great place to work and I am “proud to work here.”


Erica Marks, Jr. Planner

Since I started at Servotronics a little over a year ago, I have noticed changes. In my first year here, I have received a promotion and raises.  I can say it did not come easy.  I learned three different positions in the company.  I came in to work early, stayed late, and came in on Saturdays. I take pride in my work and any extra effort I can give. I believe in the saying “You get out what you put in,” which is why I was happy with the fact the company noticed my hard work and dedication to give me a promotion.

I do believe the company took a step in the right direction when they created levels for employees. Not sure if it was done in the past but the company has supplied lunch for the entire building for holidays and if we had a good month.  I think this goes a long way to show appreciation for the workers.  Also, for the holiday season they gave gifts and supplied gift cards to local grocery stores. Everyone is nice and greets you with sincere smiles.  Doors are held for people and there usually seems to be a helping hand everywhere you go.


Jeremy Blodgett, Junior Buyer

I have been with Servotronics for 4 years. During my time here, I’ve led several successful projects that earned me promotions from our Machine Shop floor to the Purchasing Department, to our Production Control Department.  Servotronics, Inc. is a place I like to come to every day because my work is interesting and challenging; my co-workers are friendly and professional and I feel rewarded for the work that I have accomplished here.



Joe Katona, Manufacturing Engineer

When I joined the Servotronics team in 2015, I somewhat knew they made components used in the Aerospace industry.  During my first week I found out not only are these components used in Aerospace, they are physically located on the aircraft themselves.  This gives me a sense of pride, knowing my day to day responsibilities help develop components needed on multi-million-dollar aircraft used to transport thousands of people every day.  When I tell people about my job it tends to catch them off guard.  Their ears perk up and I can see the interest in their eyes while they ask me a dozen more questions.  It is a flattering conversation to have and reminds me that the industry I’m in and the company I work for are very unique.

Servotronics has come a long way since I started; they have created a company mission, vision, and value statements, a 401K company match, invests in new equipment regularly, among other improvements.  Some benefits of working at Servotronics includes flu shot clinics, holiday luncheons, a golf league, monthly safety training on various topics, discounted Erie County Fair tickets, and employee stock ownership plan along with many other perks.

Some days working at Servotronics has its challenges just like any other company.  But if you welcome new challenges, take pride in your work, consistently strive for the best, and are always looking for ways to improve, then Servotronics may be a good fit.


Larry Croff,  Final Assembly Department Supervisor

To me, Servotronics to me is more than just a job, or even a career.  It’s a family that you grow with and you are more than just a number.  Over twenty-two years I have moved up the ranks to run my own department.  With hard work and dedication, I know my advancement won’t stop there.  I carry that through to the people I manage.  Over the past eight years, 37% of my employees have been promoted within the company and 60% are still employed with the company today.


Lauren Reilly,  Business Analyst

Working at Servotronics has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.  I have been able to form lasting relationships, both professionally and personally, with everyone here.  The people are what truly make Servotronics special.

Like any job, there are always challenges.  These challenges are easily overcome when a person has a solid support system.  This is something I’ve notice during my time at Servotronics.  Wherever you turn, someone is there to help.  I don’t think I’ve ever met more dedicated, hard-working and amazing people.  Each person here has impacted my life and for that I’m sincerely grateful.

Servotronics has a fast-paced environment that offers numerous opportunities.  Each day is different and provides exposure to something new.  Applying and interviewing at Servotronics right out of college was nerve-racking, but it was the best decision I could have made.  As soon as I walked through the front door, I felt welcome.  I felt as though I would be able to make a difference.  I felt that Servotronics would be able to make a difference in me.


Pat Biddlecom, Assembler I

I have been an employee at Servotronics for 9 ½ years, 6 full time and 3 ½ part time.  It is a great opportunity to build parts for airplanes.  Even though I had few skills when I started, I was given so much assistance and the tools needed to do my job successfully.  I definitely enjoy my job as a small parts assembler.

Servotronics is growing more and more every day.  Since I first started and until today, the company has taken many strides to improve itself.  They have created a low-pressure working environment and mostly promote from within.

During the years whenever I may have had an issue, the company took sincere time to listen to my concerns.  They have always been very flexible when I needed time off for personal reasons since I have an excellent record of being an employee dedicated to my job.

The company has also made efforts to have competitive wages plus other incentives which was not the case when I started here at Servotronics.  They have employee appreciation days with lunches, raffles, money put on our food credit account for cafeteria purchases, and offer a 401K program.

I truly believe that if you take pride in your work and are a valuable employee, the company will value you as an essential part of its business.  After six years of working full-time, I was ready to retire to watch my grandchildren.  Servotronics offered me a part-time position.  I am very happy I accepted because I could still get medical insurance through the company, while enjoying my job and working with other employees.


Phil Wozniak, Soldering Department

I started at Servotronics in 2012 as a temporary worker and now I am Team Leader which is one step below Supervisor.  When I started, it was at a brand-new bench in the Soldering Department of three people including me.  Now it’s eight on two shifts.  No layoffs have occurred for the time I have been here, and the work has steadily grown.  Now I train new hires, create training documents, and have become the “go-to guy” for engineers, as well as other departments.  The company listens to our employee suggestions and actually instituted many of my suggestions.  I like how Servotronics keeps changing for the better.  The better I do, the greater the reward, and that is a good incentive to be good at my job.  I feel like I matter, and I get back what I put in.


Tim Kubiak, Production Planner

I sincerely enjoy walking through the Servotronics doors each morning and priding myself on doing the best job possible.  The support from upper management, peers, and fellow employees brings forth a team and family atmosphere which makes the job enjoyable.

As a Production Planner I am consistently challenged to exceed expectations and goals, and when achieved being rewarded with recognition.  The goal of making Servotronics a top Aerospace supplier relies and is supported on communication, creating trust, teamwork, and leading to successful customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Servotronics:

  • The team’s passion and commitment to our customers
  • The willingness and friendliness of working together
  • The opportunity to meet and interact with our customers and create solid business relationships

As the day comes to and end and I prepare for the ride home, the sense of accomplishment and achievement overcomes the challenges and customer requests the work day brought forth.  Why this sense is so strong does not come from what I did but what the team accomplished.  This is what drives me to opening the doors in the morning ready to accept new challenges and positive interactions with the Servotronics family.