1110 Maple Street
Post Office Box 300
Elma, New York 14059

Company Profile

Servotronics, Inc., founded in 1959, is an award winning company known for its design, development, and manufacture of high quality components, systems and sub-systems for use wherever precise control, reliability and cost containment are primary requirements. Our products include servocontrol valves, torque motors, actuators, pressure regulators, metallic seals and many other products which are used in a wide range of applications. These applications range from outer space, military, and commercial aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles, test equipment, and precision controls of all types.

Servotronics’ reputation as a “problem solving company” is well earned and is well recognized. Our new “State-of-the-Art” 21st century 82,000 sq. ft. facility is designed for the express purpose of providing high tech/high quality components and systems at the lowest possible cost. Each employee has a personal vested interest in the company and an unequivocal personal commitment to excellence.